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Turned Back, Lookin' Forward.
November 08, 2017 | 3:04 pm | 0 comments

I'm weak, that's it.

But doesn't mean I have to stay as a weak. 

I woke up, I'm feeling great. I look into the mirror, everything change. 

It's already has been such a long times. I miss everything, I really do. Writing, um included. I left my whole life since my I started my diploma, get out from my comfort zone and yes, tough life for sure. I did choose to hiatus and stop write anything to this page, why? Because I was finding and learnt to live for the first time. People are right, travelling and meeting new people would open our mind, learn more about life and experienced something is a good memories. I changed so much, I feel? I'm living, I'm changing, I love it.

I read my last posted, it's such a sad things I ever read. All of sudden, those feeling and how I felt while wrote that post was very upsetting, horrible, coming back and I hate that feeling. The moment when I can't even see who I am, confused what's happening and why all those happened. I faced too much mistakes that I don't even know how to stop all of that problems. Remember when I said "I need someone to change me?".

No, I don't need one.

Should I do update related to my past post? Yes, I changed. I feel a whole brand new person now, happier and more accepting for who I am. What had I turned into now? Probably will tell not now, but if have some times free to spend, I will. Thank you.