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Tagged III
May 30, 2012 - 0 comment


Questions Tagged;

The first kpop group you know and you like ;

The first kpop song you heard ;

What the ultimate fandom you're into. Max 2 ;
EXOtics and Shawol

Your first bias and he/she is no longer yours;
Sandara Park

Your ultimate bias? Just pick ONE ;

Do you like Kdrama or Variety show? If you do, list it ;
I like both. It's Boys Over Flower and Hello Baby

Do you ever buy or go to their concert or fanmeeting? if you ever, upload da pictures ;
K I never go any fan-meeting or concert so I didn't need to post the picture .__.

Currently you listening to what kpop song? ;
Touch, Sherlock and Angel.

Girls group do you hate the most;
Imma truth Kpoppers so I never hate any group :3

Girls group you like the most;
Girls' Generation ofcoz

Your boyfriend name (I mean you assume your bias as your boyfriend);
Boyfriend? Okay correction Yaoi* It's Kim Joon Myun.

Currently dating with;
Suho .__.

The kpop song you hate;
That has happy or cute music with the rap lyrics.

Do you ever think that you want to marry your bias?;
No. Because my bias is the guy. So I thought, maybe I'll just be his slut okay no. -.-'

Why you love kpop?;
Because I love Kpop :3 I don't know maybe its because of the aegyo or music or somethings? .__.

Do you have a friend or someone you know that hate kpop?;

Does your boyfriend / girlfriend get jealous with your bias?;
Imma single. If can, I want my girlfriend also like Kpop like meh! :B

The kpop song you often play?;
EXO and SHINee songs ? Or Miss A maybe? .__.

Your bias list? Max 5;
Suho, Key, Tiffany, Min and Hyoyeon .__.

Since when you fall in love with your ultimate bias?;
14 Febuary 2012. The date Suho teasers released :3

Why you love him/her;
Because somethings happen in my dream. Its suck dream okay okay don't makes me remember that. -.-'

Does he has a scandal or ideal type girl?;
I dont care. I just wanna kick that girl one day :) Now I'm feeling so gay k.

Your favorite dance from kpop group?;
I love all except guy dance .__.

Your bias sexy/ hot picture *LOL;
If you saw somethings told me HAHAHAHAHA! ._______.

Which kpop blog do you like to view the most? Blogger instead Tumblr;
Pika dengan Fatin kot .___.

Write a words for you favorite group or idol;
EXO K. Teach Sehun how to said S words please jokeeeeeeee!

Write a words for your bias;
Suho. I don't know just get in me now jk.

Tagged kali ni membuatkan aku rasa so yaoi okok. -.-'

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