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The Liebster Award
December 18, 2013 - 1 comment


I lost my idea.

Basically, it's been a week {maybe} I left this blog. Tak tahu nak update apa. Everytimes I writing, it will stop. Then about a minutes I'll just close my blog tab and watch some k-dramas. It's getting harder and harder when school gonna start soon. I mean really soon.

And I was tagged by una. Thank you ssan yeoja.

Her questions;

1. What's your ability? ((singing/dancing/etc))
Sebenarnya, eden pun tak tahu apa. I love to sing, but I can't sing well though. So, I will just go with dance. I think I can dance any steps from girls groups. But male groups, I dont think so.

2. Your favorite quote/lyrics?
I used this alot. :P

❝Come up, you go first and say you love him. Kiss him first, now is the time, you can start first.❞

3. What makes you different from the others?
I'm the only guy wore makeup. But srsly, I dont use any eyeshadow and mascara and other pink stuffs.

4. If you could do one thing, what will it be?
Kiss a girl. And boy. Okay it's a joke. Hm probably, performing with idol? Selca with idol?

5. If you have to say something to your special someone ((best friend/crush/etc)), what is it?
Understand me. Love me. Okay it's a joke I dont know.

6. Do you have any fear? ((ex: heights, darkness, public places))
Fckin heights. And fckin blood. I mean, too much blood.

7. What is your favorite word/phrase?

8. Choose between living with a weak and timid person or a no-risk taker.
I dont know why this girl always gives me this type-of-question. Last times she asked me 'keyboard warrior or attention seeker' and now this idiot question like I DONT KNOW TO CHOOSE. Oh well, I will go with weak and timid person.

9. If you could be a character of a novel/movies/dramas, who will you be?
I dont wanna be a hero since I'm not that good at protecting people so I'll choose as heroin. I dont care. And if I read any fanfics, I wanna be Kyungsoo. No matter what.

10. If you can befriend with an idol, who will it be? Why?
At first, I wanna choose Suho, but since I dont wanna be his friend, so I will just go with Baekhyun. First, I wanna ask him a favor to teach me how be damn cute as him even he is quite fugly /joke/. Second, I wanna ask him to teach me how to high notes as well as him and last but not least, I wanna make him as an excuse for me to be always close with Suho.

I'm done. It's almost two hours for answer all these questions. To be very honest, it's kinda difficult though.

So, here's my questions.

1. If you're crushing on someone but you're scared to confess. What you will do?
2. What's your boy/girl-type?
3. How if suddenly you're in love with someone that have a same gender with you, you can even stop your feeling, what you will do?
4. A guy that wear make-up, what do you think?
5. Drag queen or transgender, which one you will respect more?
6. What do you think about your appearance?
7. Have you lay on your bed, be a sad-cat-lady while thinking and disappointed that actually your bias will never knows that you were exist?
8. If you're debuted in korean group, what's your position in group will be? (main vocal, lead dancer etc)
9. You're walking and suddenly stranger grabs your hand and acting like she/he knows you well, how your react will be?
10. If you have a chance to be with your crush by pretending you're as opposite gender in his/her school, will you gonna go with that?

I click random people LOL.
1. Pika
2. Niss
3. Far
4. Aleen

Sorry my bad grammar, I'll improve. Guide me juseyo.